Mini Dental Implants and Denture Stabilization

Denture implants are a great solution for patients whose dentures just don't quite stay put.

Also known as mini dental implants, they are slender titanium screws that a dental implant dentist or prosthodontist attaches to your jawbone in a simple surgical procedure. Just 2-4 mini implants attached to your lower jaw can ensure that your denture never wanders again.

Mini implants are considerably smaller than standard tooth implants, so the dental implant surgery is less invasive, takes less time, and heals faster. In addition, denture implants cost less.

Denture patients will often be given a provisional denture to immediately wear over their implants. Once the implants have healed, a permanent denture can be fabricated, or the patient's existing denture can be retrofitted to accommodate the denture implants. The removable denture will snap on to the implants to provide added support, stability and retention.

Many a denture dentist loves being able to offer dental implant therapy. "I have done around 20 cases using mini implants under lower dentures," said one dentist. "I feel this is one of the best things I have done for my patients and my practice."

Agreed another, "In the correct situation and understanding how to use them, they are a wonderful long-term solution."

As with regular dental implant surgery, the dentist will need to take X-rays an possibly bone scans to make sure there is enough bone to support the implants. Since the cost of dental therapy is significant, there's no sense placing implants that are likely to fail.

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